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Université Rennes 2: A gateway to the world!

Located in the heart of the Rennes metropolitan area, Rennes 2 University is the largest research and higher learning institution in Arts, Literature, Languages, Social Sciences, and Humanities in the West of France.

The university counts 20,000 students and 600 professors working in 5 faculties (UFRs or Education and Research Units): ALC (Arts, Literature, and Communication), Modern Languages, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Sports and Sports Sciences.

134 different diplomas are offered for full-time, part-time, or distance education students.

The university's many different offices and services devoted to the day-to-day management and running of the university, ensure the proper working environment and quality of life for students and staff.



In 2011-2012, the Rennes 2 University has:

  • 20,000 students
  • 660 professors
  • 540 administrative staff
  • 462 PhD students
  • 1 central library and 8 specialized libraries
  • 3 campuses



Rennes 2: International relations

Particularly proud of its International Relations and the 18 languages taught at the university, Rennes 2 maintains working relationships with many higher education and research institutions across the 5 continents.

Rennes 2 - International Statistics

International Relations Office

Rennes 2 University's International Relations Office ensures the development and promotion of its international cooperation policies as defined by the university authorities.


Its remit covers the following 4 areas:

  1. Coordinating and organizing international mobility for students and teaching staff.
  2. Managing administrative and financial aspects of international exchange programs.
  3. Counseling and assisting the Research and Administrative offices of the university.
  4. Promoting the creation and upkeep of bilateral agreements with partner institutions.


The International Relations Office aims to help the integration of its incoming students by organizing special orientation weeks focused on welcoming students and helping them find their place within the university.


The IRO seeks to promote international exchanges for the students and staff of Rennes 2. It organizes the campus's International Week, a week dedicated to informing students and staff of the possibilities and the procedures necessary to participate in an exchange.


Research at Rennes 2

"Rennes 2 University seeks to develop an ambitious research policy in order to secure its place as one of the major Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences universities in Europe." Raymonde Séchet, Vice President of the Scientific Council, Head of Research.


Research Statistics

  • 19 Research Units, of which 5 are associated to the CNRS (National Council of Scientific Research)
  • 2 Doctorate Schools, co-accredited with the UBO and the UBS
  •        Doctorate School: Arts, Literature, Languages (ALL)
  •        Doctorate School: Social Sciences
  • 462 PhD students
  • 70 PhD and HDR (accreditation to supervise research) theses defended per year
  • 35 Conferences/Seminars per year
  • 3 main areas of research: Geographical and Historical studies, Health/Education/Innovative Technologies, Arts/Literature/Languages



Translation by John Bloom